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Jeremy Renner: "I Might Just Quit Movies and Be a Stay-at-Home Dad" (Irish Independent)

'Hurt Locker' star Jeremy Renner tells our film critic about plans to scale back on his roles after five tough years - and why house renovation is his back-up plan

It's early-ish, and Renner was up late last night, attending the première of his new movie Arrival at the London Film Festival. But he looks fresh, his eyes twinkle, and there's something nicely unrehearsed about the way he answers questions during our interview.

He's not tall - around 5ft 9in, I'd guess - and is slight apart from the pumped-up arms that are de rigueur these days for a Hollywood actor. Renner both looks his age (he's 45) and doesn't: when he smiles, he seems positively boyish, but at times his lived-in face and soulful eyes convince you he's mulling over some secret sorrow. His expressions change like the weather, are subtle and various and have served him well as an actor.

He's an extremely good one, but delivers a more restrained and enigmatic performance than usual in Arrival, for reasons that will become clear when you watch it. And you should, because Denis Villeneuve's drama is one of the films of the year, a visually splendid picture that skilfully weaves an alien invasion into a smaller human story of love, loss and sacrifice.

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