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The Combine to Produce Animated Feature "I.F."

Jeremy's production company The Combine, along with Straight Up Films and Cinesite, will be producing an animated film entitled I.F. (Imaginary Friend).  The film is inspired by the song "Imaginary Friend" by the Grammy-nominated kid-hop artist Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  Development and pre-production will begin this year.  The script will be written by Shane Morris (who received a "story by" credit for the hit Disney film Frozen).

In a statement, Jeremy and partner Don Handfield said, “As parents, we have always wanted to make an animated film that our kids could watch and find relatable.  We are excited to embark on this journey with Straight Up Films and the incredible creative team of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and writer Shane Morris. We also couldn’t have asked for a better partner in Dave Rosenbaum and the team at Cinesite.”

We do not yet know if Jeremy will contribute voiceover work for the film, or if he will only act as a producer. As always, we will keep you updated if and when we learn any additional information about the film.

Source: Deadline.com

Jeremy Renner: Connected Technology is Music to My Ears (BT.com)

The star of BT’s new advert talks about technology, music, safeguarding children online and being a Marvel hero to a generation of kids.

With roles in The Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible and Arrival, Jeremy Renner is one of the most in-demand actors in the world. He’s soon to become a lot more recognisable to UK audiences as he takes centre stage in BT Mobile’s new Family SIM advert.

In the advert, which you can check out below, Renner shows off his famous action man skills as he slides down a roof to ‘save a family’. He performed the stunt himself and it’s clear he relishes the brush with danger.

“It’s fun, one of the reasons why I wanted to do it, it’s something I haven’t done in a while,” he says.

“It’s better for audiences and directors and editors, so I would always rather do it if I can.”

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Interview with Jeremy Renner (Home Business Magazine)

On His Little Girl, His Work Ethic, Filming with Directors, as Well as His Milestones, Boundaries, Image and Success Over the Years.

Two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner co-stars with Amy Adams in the new science fiction film Arrival. Renner plays mathematician Ian Donnelly, who is assigned the task to decipher codes from a UFO that landed on Earth.  Now, with a 3-year-old back home, he chooses his movies wisely.  He talks about his success over the years.

Question (Q): How much research did you have to do to play a scientist in Arrival?  When you were in college, you seemed to be kind of destined for a more scientifc career?

Jeremy Renner (JR): Yeah, computer science -- it's my only connection.  I loved astrology and all of these things when I was a kid.  I was good at science in school.  In college, I did study Pascal, DOS, and other computer languages, which is the only thing even close to what this guy knows.  This guy I play, Ian, is a mathematican physicist, and we referenced this giant fifteen hundred-page book a lot using the theorems and the ideas of language through mathematics and physics.  The real challenge was to take these sorts of ideas and get to a point where I could understand them so that I could get the audience to understand them.

Q: Was there ever a time where you thought, "I wished I would have become a stock broker using all my rational skills as opposed to becoming an actor," because it would have been so much easier?

JR: No, never once.  I used all sorts of rational skills to get me through those difficult times knowing that the artist's plight is very volatile and fragile.  All of my left brain stuff -- my business mind and science mind -- allows me to find practicality with all of these emotions.  It balanced out well with getting through difficult times as an artist.

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