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Jeremy Renner: Connected Technology is Music to My Ears (BT.com)

The star of BT’s new advert talks about technology, music, safeguarding children online and being a Marvel hero to a generation of kids.

With roles in The Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible and Arrival, Jeremy Renner is one of the most in-demand actors in the world. He’s soon to become a lot more recognisable to UK audiences as he takes centre stage in BT Mobile’s new Family SIM advert.

In the advert, which you can check out below, Renner shows off his famous action man skills as he slides down a roof to ‘save a family’. He performed the stunt himself and it’s clear he relishes the brush with danger.

“It’s fun, one of the reasons why I wanted to do it, it’s something I haven’t done in a while,” he says.

“It’s better for audiences and directors and editors, so I would always rather do it if I can.”


Security through technology

With BT Mobile’s Family SIM offering, parents can set spend caps and activate parental controls. Renner, father to a three-year-old daughter, believes it’s really important to be involved in how children use technology.

“You’ve got to have restrictions about what they can see. For me, there’s going to be no internet for my daughter on her iPad or any phone she gets when she gets older for a long while,” he warns.

“There are lots of great apps she can learn from and music - all those wonderful educational things. When my daughter gets her first cellphone, she’s only going to be able to call me!

“Give them a world to succeed, whether it’s limiting data or limiting what they can reach out on and then you don’t have to freak out, and they can be happy.”

The connected world

Alongside his acting career, Renner is a real estate developer, buying and renovating homes with his business partner. He thinks the Internet of Things – where devices communicate with each other and can be controlled using a remote internet-connected device like a smartphone - is amazing.

“I can control every light, all the music, everything. I have a keyless house I don’t need a key to get in. It can be used from a phone or tablet, which is just great.

“I monitor my baby’s camera. From anywhere in the world I can get on my phone and check out my baby’s room. That’s where technology is really useful.”

Looking to the future of home technology, he’s interested in the role of voice control, seen recently in the Amazon Echo.

“You could speak to someone and say ‘can you put on the mood lighting?’ or ‘can you turn on the hot tub before I come home?’ Like your personal assistant - ultimately it’s making us super lazy!”

Sound investments

Alongside movies and real estate, music, according to Renner has been the biggest thing in his life for the longest period of time “as a listener I use playlists for every character I play and the movie.”

Renner, who writes and records music says he’s interested in the way technology has changed the way we listen.

“Napster sort of shook up the music world, now it’s turning into a streaming thing and Apple iTunes. People aren’t buying a tangible product any more. I grew up with eight-tracks and cassettes, then records, then CDs, then mp3s. Now it’s not only owning the mp3, it’s like having a cloud where you can stream what you want, when you want.

“I think the best thing about music for me is the intimate exchange of playing live and having a group of people having that shared experience.”

Kids make the best fans

For a younger audience, Renner is best known for his role as Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers franchise and he clearly relishes having a young fan base.

“Until then (The Avengers) I was doing movies that would probably make the kids run away from me.  Now I get a lot of kids that run towards me – that’s awesome! There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a kid’s face light up because of something you did that they love.

“Most of the time you do a movie and it doesn’t come out until a year later and you are never in the theatre with them to hear if there are cheers or boos or cries. I don’t know the effect a movie I’ve done has on people until it comes up – for example with The Hurt Locker, and how the issues in it affected people’s lives - guys dealing with PTSD or that sort of stuff. I had no idea.”

2017 looks to be busy for Renner, he’s heading to Atlanta to shoot Avenger 3 and 4 The Infinity Wars and hoping to squeeze in a new Mission Impossible within that time frame: “I’d love to work with Tom again and the whole gang.”

Until then, he’ll be coming into our living rooms in the new BT Mobile Family SIM advert: “I’m excited about it, people from the UK have always been so kind to me and I love being here.”

Jeremy Renner is starring in the new BT Mobile ad campaign for Family SIM, which offers up to five SIMs on one contract: the more SIMs taken out, the bigger the saving. See bt.com/familysim for more details.

Source: Hannah Bouckley at BT.com.

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