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Jeremy Renner: Hawkeye Owes a Debt to Scarlet Witch (Zap2it)

In a move that surprised no one, "Captain America: Civil War" dominated the box office during its U.S opening weekend, pulling in almost $700 million worldwide. The warring Avengers and their teams of super-powered friends now have everyone wondering, what comes next?

Zap2it spoke to Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye, about Clint's involvement in the film, why he chose Team Cap and what the future holds for his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The following interview contains spoilers for "Captain America: Civil War."


Zap2it: We found out Clint chose to kind of retire in 'Captain America: Civil War,' so was he planning to be done with the superhero life?

Jeremy Renner: No, I don’t think so. I think it’s an order of importance kind of thing for him. If he’s needed, he’ll go like he does in this movie and maybe if he gets bored of pseudo-retirement. His priority is with his family, but I don’t think he’ll ever fully retire because he is who he is.


What do you think makes him chose Team Cap?

Well, Cap called first! Also there’s his relationship with the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and he kind of owes a debt because her brother took bullets for him. That selfless act is something that he kind of holds dear.


Is he holding on to some guilt about that?

Probably. I’m sure it shifts his thinking. I mean, he’s a father to kids, but he put himself in the line of fire to save a kid. He’s a pretty selfless person, and he names his child after Pietro, which is pretty cool. But yeah, I’m sure he’s probably riddled with that and probably still feels blessed that he’s alive.


What can you say about the dynamic between Clint and Natasha now that they’re on separate sides?

It’s pretty cool because when you’re doing a fight, you’re usually trying to kill them, right? This one, we’re pulling our punches, and no one is really trying to hurt each other. It’s all kind of fun and games until someone looses an eye.


A fight for fun?

Yeah, it’s more of a spar than anything.


At one point, fans were expecting to see a romance between Clint and Natasha, but do you prefer to have her as Aunt Natasha?

You know, I think that relationship is still complicated and rich and deep, and it runs much deeper than what lovers may be. I like the relationship. I’d love to explore more of it, but I don’t know if it necessarily has to be in a romantic way. I don’t know if there’s time for romance.


I’m surprised they squeeze what romance they do into these films already!

I know, right? But the interaction between the characters is the most interesting thing to me in this universe.


The airport fight is getting all the attention as the scene to see in this movie, so what was filming that like?

It was awesome. It was most of the work we did – at least that I did. It’s a big long scene and a lot of moving parts. We were shooting a lot of green screen outside, and it was hot, but it was really cool.


Did you get to do any work with the new kids, Spiderman and Black Panther?

Not Spiderman, no.

Black Panther though -- I think I saw a trailer where I introduce myself. I go, “Hey, I don’t know you, I’m Clint,” and then we get in a fight real quick. Did that make it in? We’ll see.


Do you know what’s next for Hawkeye now that he's basically on the run?

No, I don’t. I’ve talked to the Russos a little bit about it, and they have a really good take on Hawkeye and ideas for him in particular, which I dig. But as a far as story arc and what’s going to happen, I have no idea. I know “Avengers: Infinity War” is coming at the end of this year, but I don’t know what my part will be. There’s going to be a lot of characters in that one.


Source: Lindsey MacDonald at Zap2it.com.

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