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Jeremy Interviewed by ShortList Magazine

Jeremy Renner talks dusty shoes, wearing mascara, and seeing his face on a bag of Cheetos.


Your new Remy Martin profile informs us you're a serial multitasker: actor, producer, renovator and now musician.  Have you had singing lessons?

I have.  I studied music in college for a little bit, studied some Broadway and opera and realized my voice wasn't ultimately suited to that.


So you won't be joining Hugh Jackman onstage for any big song numbers?

I probably won't, no.


Any chance of you releasing an album of your own music?

I don't know, maybe I'd give it to my mum.  I've always thought about music as something personal to me.


Any karaoke tips?

Well, heck, man, it's just fantastic because it's free -- it's the most fun you can have.


Is it true you were also a make-up artist for some time?

I was doing community theatre in Modesto, Calfornia, where you have to learn to do your own make-up.  Then the job opened up that paid good money.  My job as a make-up artist was to empower a woman.  I thought, "Why do women ultimately wear make-up?  Maybe they want a guy's opinion on what actually looks good.  My philosophy about make-up is, "How can I make the individual feel the best they can feel about themselves?"


Does it mean you're quite particular about how you like your make-up done on film sets?

[Laughs] Nah, I'm a dude, dude!  Less is more.  I haven't done make-up on people in a long time.  But it's easy; it all makes sense.


Do you think it's increasingly acceptable for men to wear make-up?

Yeah.  We're in a different time than when I grew up.  Ther's more social acceptance of that as you get older.  Not that if I had a son I'd be telling him to put on mascara.  I have a daughter so I'll teach her how to put on mascara.  But if my son wanted to wear a tutu, well, put on a tutu.


You recently spoke about having to brush your teeth in Starbucks on the night of the Oscars back in 2010.  Haven't you got "people" for that kind of thing?

Each year I did up a house with my business partner Kristoffer.  That [2010] was the last time I actually lived in a structure while remodeling it, because it is very unpleasant when you don't have electricity or running water.  You tend to find something sexy about it -- light some candles . . . maybe for a weekend that's kind of cool, but not for nine months.  At that moment we happened to be almost done with the house.  It wasn't quite finished, so I had to get dressed in a tent inside my room, no doors anywhere, no lighting.  I got dressed, took my toothbrush, my old Dopp kit, brushed my teeth in Starbucks, grabbed a coffee, and got out of there.


How did the rest of you scrub up?

I'm sure if you look at the pictures I had dust on my shoes.


You can clearly shoot an arrow pretty well.  Have you picked up any other cool skills on film sets?

For a year I had to learn how to build and dismantle a bomb, with guys who are really good at what they do.  You're right, I can shoot a bow and arrow pretty well, but I'm not sure why I'd wanna continue shooting with a bow and arrow -- what am I gonna shoot?  We have to learn to become experts at something in a very short amount of time. And these are all things that can hurt you or hurt other people, so by doing it and educating myself I've certainly no fear of it.  And it's really impressive to be around people that are really good at what they do.


You also took part in Soccer Aid 2014.  How was it?

I wish I got to spend more time with the guys.  I was in the middle of shooting Avengers at the time.  I hadn't kicked a soccer ball in 30 years.  I played as a kid; back then I was good.  I realized my legs aren't in soccer shape at all.  Jeez, it was intense.  And we won.


The succes of The Avengers has meant that there is merchandise with your face on it.  Is it weird seeing toys of yourself?

It's always strange to see a wax figure of yourself.


True, but is it quite a nice feeling?

Yeah, it's cool, because I love kids, and hopefully kids are the ones wearing these things.  It's not always the case.  It's always peculiar and amazing, you're drinking a Diet Coke and then, "What?  Is that me on there?"  I never thought I'd be on a bag of Cheetos.  You're on a pair of underwear.  I remember those kinds of underwear when I was a kid.  It's cool, man.  But I don't want to get used to it.


Renner is the Global Brand Ambassador for Remy Martin and fronts its new campaign "One Life, Live Them."


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