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Jeremy Interviewed by Le Matin (Switzerland)

"I hate being away from my daughter."

JEREMY RENNER.  The actor is in theaters Wednesday in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" alongside Tom Cruise, but his most important role is Dad.

 Moment de tendresse entre Jeremy Renner et sa fille unique,
Ava Berlin, née le 28 mars 2013.


In Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Jeremy Renner is agent Brandt, in charge of the American secret organization of spies in which Ethan Hunt, aka Tom Cruise, is the best man. While maintaining a life of discreet privacy, Renner is at the heart of three franchise films that have yielded billions in Hollywood, like "The Avengers" and the "Bourne" saga. "I never tried to be a star, just do my job," he said almost apologetically of his success.  The 44-year-old actor spoke to us in New York after the US premiere of "Mission: Impossible." "I'm glad to see you, but my daughter is napping and I want to be there when she wakes up," he said about Ava, 2 years old.

Does your daughter Ava follow you on set?

Yes, as often as possible. She spent the summer with me in Montreal where I am filming "Story of Your Life". I hate being away from Ava. The filming of "Mission Impossible" was a torture in that sense.



We filmed in London while Ava was in Los Angeles with her mother (the model Sonni Pacheco, whom he divorced).  I was dragging my feet to get on the plane at the idea of ​​going on an 11- hour flight. I spent 2 weeks without my baby, and I had nightmares almost every night.


Have you changed the way you work for Ava?

Absolutely. Doing more films doesn't seem to be essential, and I am ready to refuse if it's a long way from California. My only requirement is to be able to travel with my daughter or come back to her every 2 weeks.


Your character Agent Brandt did not do nearly as many stunts as Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible." Any regrets?

Not at all! I spent enough time doing stunts in "Avengers" to take advantage of a quiet set on "Mission: Impossible." I like to play as a cerebral guy too. (Laughs) The ideal is alternating genres. And Tom Cruise is better than anyone at high-speed motorcycle chases. I don't know if I would have had the courage to hold on to an airplane wing while it was taking off.


Were you a daredevil in your teens?

When I was young, I tried to overcome each of my fears by pushing myself to do crazy things: swim near sharks, carry a gun, go rock climbing at the edge of a canyon ... All these things, I did them in defiance. Today, I am no longer afraid of heights, for example. It has also helped me to deal with auditions without having a fear of rejection.


What is the first movie of your career your daughter is allowed to see?

None, until she is a teenager. It's funny that you asked that question because just before our meeting, I asked my agent to find a cartoon for me, so she can hear her father's voice in an animated movie. I have a bunch of comedian friends who have done that after becoming parents.


Do you watch a lot of cartoons with her?

I know some episodes of "Curious George" by heart! She loves that series and can see one episode 20 times and laugh every time.


You divorced her mother, Sonni Pacheco after 10 months of marriage. What is your relationship with her?

A separation is never easy and we had difficult moments, but we are now on the same wavelength. We have only one goal: Ava's happiness. She spends as much time with me as with her mother. It's a good compromise.


What advice did you receive from your parents about dating?

My father and mother have each been married three times! So they mainly told me what not to do to succeed in a relationship. But above all I owe them my self-confidence. They have always supported me and let me have my own experiences and shenanigans without judging me.


What advice would you give to your daughter about boys?

I hope it's many years before I have this talk with her. I have one piece of advice for a girl about men: stay as far away from them as possible!


You've been in a lot of blockbusters. Is it rumors like the one that said you were gay that are the other side of the coin?

Everyone is free to think what he wants. And if makes some people happy to imagine one way or another, that's their problem, not mine. My job is to be credible on the screen, and not to respond to rumors.


Can fans of "Avengers" hope to see a movie with your character Hawkeye as the star?

No, I'm happy to be part of the universe of Marvel superheroes, but I never felt the need to see my face in large letters on posters. From my years in the theater, I learned the love of teamwork. Being one of the "Avengers", an agent of "Mission: Impossible" or "Bourne" makes me happy.


Source: Lematin.ch

*Note:  The original article is in French.  We have translated it to the best of our ability using online translators.

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