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Transcript: Reddit AMA with Jeremy Renner - Page 7

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EmperorMustard:Jeremy,You've answered a lot of questions, but not the most important one. Do you have the toilet roll facing towards or away from the wall? Thanks


I guess I could answer that. Baby wipes.

evilpowers: Hi Jeremy! Do you have any favorite historical figures or a period in history that interests you? What brings you out of a bad mood? Music, person, place, etc...

A period in history is the World Wars. I just narrated a miniseries about the world wars and the players in the world wars, and it was a great education to do that, for the History Channel. So I think that was a very interesting time on our planet.

My baby. My baby. Seeing my baby, she gets me out of a bad mood. Music can do that, but 100% of the time, my little baby.


judomonkeykyle:What is the last movie you saw at the theater?


Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sheriffnickgrimes:My wife and I have recently dabbled into antiquing furniture, what are your thoughts on this?

Antiquing furniture? Oh yeah! I think it's very important. You don't just want to furnish your house with new furniture, you want to mix it up, old AND new. Don't overpay!

unicorn928:Thor vs Loki, who wins?

Thor! DUH!

jemscoughlin:Hi Jeremy! Hope you're having a good day. The Town is my favorite film of yours, right after Twelve and Holding. Would you ever consider doing another movie like the Town that's equal parts drama/character development and action?

I'd do that every day of my life. That's the type of movie I try to develop, I try to look for, outside doing the big tentpole movies which are wonderful - movies like The Town, The Hurt Locker, even Kill the Messenger, are movies that my artistic side needs to be fulfilled.

ohherroeeyore:What underwater creature are you most afraid of?

Always a great white shark.

[Question deleted]

There was no transition. I think I learned to be a makeup artist from being an actor, on the stage. I learned from having to do my own makeup, then took that skill to the street level. It was a great job, so I didn't have to bartend and wait tables. Brows, lashes, lips, 5 minutes, get 'em done, frame your face and you look great.

Update: I'm outta time. Thanks for chatting with me, and it was fun answering your questions, but I have to go shower and get dressed for this premiere. Let's all go see it together! Who wants to be my date?

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