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Transcript: Reddit AMA with Jeremy Renner

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This transcript contains only the questions Jeremy selected and the answers to those questions. To read the entire AMA, click HERE.


Hi reddit.

To celebrate the release of my new film Kill The Messenger, which hits theaters tomorrow, October 10th, I’m doing my first ever AMA. You can see the trailer here.

Victoria's going to be helping me out in-person today. AMAA.



(Were you and Daniel Craig separated at birth?) -- Question was deleted before Jeremy answered.

Someone asked about if Daniel Craig and I were separated at birth:

That's a lovely compliment, to be compared to a handsome Bond character.

I was working with Rachel Weiss when we were shooting The Bourne Legacy, and he came to visit on set. And it was kind of fun to sit and have a martini with Bond, you know? pretty surreal. And he's a cool dude. He has a similar plight to be, becoming more well known later in his career, after Layer Cake and so on. We have a lot in common, other than looking similar I suppose.

But high compliment, that's amazing. I'd love to do something with him someday.


The_Maddest_Man : Hi Jeremy! Huge fan of all your work. I was wondering if you would ever have an interest in doing a stand alone Hawkeye film based on the new storyline presented in the newest Hawkeye comic series. Your portrayal of Clint is incredible, and I think the content in the new comics would be great to see on screen.

Am I interested? Always have been interested. I always love Clint, and in the last Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got to dive into him some more. Very excited about the outcome of it, and where it can go in the future. But all I can do is want. And that's all I can do. It all comes down to the content, and really how the puppeteers at Marvel can manifest a story that's worthy of a solo movie. Not sure what that is, or how that is, but I'm confident they can do whatever they want, if they want to do it. And I'd be game.


GrandMasterT: Robert Downey Jr. said that his favorite comic book hero is Hawkeye because of his 2 year old. How did you trump Iron Man?


Well, when you're dad's Iron Man, I suppose... maybe he's tired of 'im! And he's 2 for chrissakes. Maybe it's more fun to shoot bows & arrows.

I was with Downey and his family recently, and it's funny to see his boy in the car seat- he actually liked Hawkeye and Thor, maybe it's the bow and arrow and hammer, but somehow we made it into Downey's son's bathtub, our action figures did anyway.

Haha - and it's cool to have a 2 year old fan. It's pretty awesome.

GrandMasterT: Ray Liotta did an AMA earlier today, How intense is he in person?



Is he intense? I don't know. I think he's a lovable guy. I mean, he's intense looking, for sure. He's got a resting face that looks like he wants to hurt you, but he's very gregarious. It's guys like Joaquin Phoenix, or Ray, they're in that grouping - guys that you think might be the most intense and scary are usually the funniest. And I think Ray is one of those.


natalievenom: Legolas, Hawkeye, and Robin Hood enter an archery tournament. Who gets first, second and third place?


I guess it depends on the bow. But again - I'm going to have to go with the superhero in that one!

IceTiger7 : A lot of us over at /r/SHIELD want to ask a question: is there any chance of you appearing on Agents of SHIELD?

I guess, again - those are questions that are tough to really answer, because it's above my pay grade, haha! It's not something I sit and think about. But I suppose if it was offered up, there's an outside chance it could happen. I haven't seen the show, so I don't know how it works, but I'm sure the folks at Marvel have ideas, and when they're strong enough, they'll bring 'em to me. But I love me some Clark Gregg, he's so great. We killed him and brought him back to life to do Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., he's so good!

GestureWithoutMotion: Hello Jeremy Renner. My wife loves you. What can I tell her about you that will make her change her mind?


I'm not available! Hahaha!

that's awesome!


escherbach:Hi Jeremy. You've achieved huge success relatively late in your career - how are you coping with the impact on your life? (and congratulations on many fantastic performances)

Achieving success later on in life is probably the greatest gift I could have been given, to have been recognized for what I was recognized for. That's where Luck played a huge role in my career, and i'm very thankful and blessed for that. And I'm able to fully enjoy, with my feet on the ground, all the experiences with my head up high, knowing that I earned what I have, and feel again very blessed to be able to continue to work.

Sakura_7 : Who's your favorite superhero?

Oooh wow.

I don't have a favorite. My first crush was Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, she was my first crush as a young boy, but that doesn't mean she's my favorite superhero. As a young kid, I was a big Spider-Man fan, I always wanted to be Peter Parker.

insane_moose:What would be your food of choice if you were stuck on a desert island?

Food of choice, stuck on a desert island...


It would have to be something that wouldn't grow on that island, like a vat of cookie dough or something. Cookie dough or maybe some KC Prime Rib... it has to be something like that.

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