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"Kill the Messenger" True Story of South Central L.A. Crack Epidemic (Eurweb.com)


*”If I needed bail money, I would call Andy Garcia!”

Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner (“The Bourne Legacy”) plays Gary Webb in the new film “Kill the Messenger,” out October 10.

The dramatic thriller is based on the astonishing true story of the investigative journalist who exposed the CIA for working with Nicaraguan drug smugglers and discovered that U.S. intelligence allowed cheap, limitless cocaine to be pumped into the streets of South Central Los Angeles, while rebels used the profits to arm Contra militias, in the 1990s.

“Kill the Messenger” also stars Michael K. Williams as Los Angeles crack kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross; Andy Garcia as imprisoned drug baron Norwin Meneses and Rosemarie DeWitt as Webb’s wife.

Michael K Williams
Michael K Williams

EUR: What attracted you to this film and why did you want to play this role?

Jeremy Renner: The world of journalism is interesting to me. I love the story. I loved what it represented. I loved the idea of playing a father, a husband and being a flawed hero. I loved the themes of the story…the David and Goliath. Coming up against a lot of adversity.
Gary Webb was skilled at what he did. He was a Pulitzer Prize journalist! I want to know more about this guy…how come he gets discredited.

Rosemarie Dewitt: Because of what Webb fought for, stood for, and what it cost him. And also because Jeremy was attached and I wanted to work with him.

rosemarie dewitt

EUR: What do you hope audiences take away from this film?

Jeremy Renner: I would love for them to have a thought, an opinion, or an agreement or argument. To be emotionally affected. To spark a conversation about what is going on around us. To educate themselves more … even if it’s not about this story. But about thinking and saying, ‘oh wait … there are things out there, we aren’t even aware of.

Rosemarie Dewitt: The true story! Because there was so much back and forth throughout the course of Webb’s career, of what was true or not. He fought until the end, to get the truth out there. The true story got buried within other political scandals and now we are far enough away from it so audiences can really appreciate his journey.

andy garcia
andy garcia

EUR: Which one of your cast mates would you call if you needed bail money?

Jeremy Renner: I would call Andy Garcia!

Kill The Messenger True Story of South Central LA Crack Epidemic
Focus Features‘ “Kill The Messenger” hits theaters October 10th.
Source: eurweb.com

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