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Cast of "American Hustle" Wins SAG Award

The cast of American Hustle has won the SAG Award for "Oustanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture!" 



Congratulations to Jeremy and all of his costars!


Jeremy Renner - 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

You can view the complete list of winners here

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  • Loved the crooked bow tie, Rita Moreno's fabulous taste in men, and the Ben Affleck hug. So who was REALLY the biggest deal there? JLR, we know it was you!

  • Guest - Erica

    I wish they would have showed Jeremy's facial expression :D after Rita Moreno's comment- yes, I must say she has GREAT taste in men! I also wanted to hear Jeremy speak- Congrats to the cast of American Hustle- esp. Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and my fav. Jeremy! :)

  • I would have liked to have seen his facial expression, too! I'm kinda surprised they didn't cut to him. Same for when she mentioned Brad Pitt.

    I guess that due to time constraints, they were only able to have one person speak. They seem to be having Bradley do most of the talking.

  • Guest - Gina

    I'm with you all about wanting to see his facial expression when Rita mentioned him. I bet he got a kick out of that! ;) Thanks for all the new photos coolshades.

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