Fish in a Barrel

Fish in a Barrel is a dark comedy about four friends (Eddie, Remy, Casper, and Sammy) who find themselves trapped in a New York apartment with a cop, a female thief, and four million dollars' worth of stolen diamonds.  Jeremy portrays Remy, an apathetic drunk who gets trigger-happy during a late-night jewelry heist and kills a police officer.  As the friends debate what to do the next morning, they unexpectedly find themselves in the presence of Eddie's brother, a police officer, and a petty thief -- both of whom would like to relieve the friends of the diamonds they stole during the heist.  What follows is a six-way game of cat and mouse that leaves a fair amount of blood in its wake.

For his performance in Fish in a Barrel, Jeremy was awarded "Best Supporting Actor" at the 2001 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.


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*Please note that as of October 2013, Fish in a Barrel is only available for purchase from second-hand sellers.  Accordingly, it may be priced significantly higher than what is typical for a DVD.