Strange Luck

Strange Luck was a U.S. television series that aired on the FOX network during the 1995-1996 season.  The show centered around Chance Harper, a photographer who, as a child, was the sole survivor of a plane crash.  Since then, he has constantly found himself in the wrong place at the right time.

Jeremy guest stars on episode 16, entitled "Blinded by the Son."  He portrays Jojo Picard, the show-off guitarist in a rock and roll band whose lead singer, Corey, is the son of Chance's friend, Angie.  When Corey is accused of murder, Chance uses an unexpected influx of money in his bank account to help him post bail.  As the band prepares for a major audition, Corey and Jojo feud over who is the leader of the band, leading to near-deadly consequences.

This episode also guest stars Jeremy's friend Kristoffer Winters, who portrays Corey.

Strange Luck has not been released on DVD.  You can watch episode 16 in five installments below.  Jeremy appears in parts two, four, and five.






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