June 14, 2018 -- Jeremy Renner is About to Become Your Kid's Favorite Singing Avenger (Yes, Really) (USA Today)

by Brian Truitt

An interesting bit of trivia: The stars of Marvel’s Avengers are great at saving the world and stuff, but they’re also a surprisingly musical group. Robert Downey Jr. sang on Ally McBeal and has performed with Sting. Scarlett Johansson released two albums. Chris Evans has crooned both Don’t Stop Believin’ and Three Times a Lady onscreen. Tom Hiddleston played Hank Williams in a movie. You get the idea.

The next one to really step to the fore with his singing chops? Jeremy Renner, aka the Avengers' ace archer Hawkeye. Renner voices a fox named Swifty in the upcoming animated film Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad  and also wrote songs for the soundtrack.

“I’ve done music since I was 12, I just didn’t want to do it as a business,” Renner tells USA TODAY. “It’s not like I’m dropping an album or anything like that, (but it’s) a different type of music than I’d typically write, so I love that challenge.” (His songwriting prowess for Arctic Justice will also be the subject of a making-of documentary that's in the works.) 

Now, Renner going quasi-rock star shouldn’t completely surprise us. The star of the new action comedy Tag (in theaters Friday) performed an emotional ode to Hawkeye on The Tonight Show.  He belted a take of the classic American Pie in 2006’s Love Comes to the Executioner.  And he busted out an original ballad for the ladies of The View.

For Arctic Justice, Renner says the soundtrack features Motown-like tunes, a disco song and others that have a “Bruno Mars, cool band kind of vibe that makes you want to shake and dance and move around." If his 5-year-old daughter Ava is any measure, he's about to have a lot of kid fans. “She makes me listen to it on the drive to school every morning. It’s just a good happy feel.”

Another positive about doing some music on the side: It keeps Renner at home. “Doing a Mission: Impossible takes me away for nine months with Tom Cruise, who I love, but it doesn’t really help me be in front of my daughter,” he says. “She has no idea that I’m an actor or anything that I do or what I do. She knows me more as a musician than anything else.”

Arctic Justice will also act as introduction to her daddy’s film career. “It’s the first thing she can actually see that I do. She knows that I’m Hawkeye but she doesn’t know what the hell that means," Renner laughs. "I’m on her pajamas."

Source:  Brian Truitt at USA Today

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