April 29, 2016 -- Exclusive Interview with Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen (Mommy Bloggers)

Note:  This is a summary of the interview gathered from multiple sources.


On Introducing Hawkeye's deafness in the MCU:

Jeremy Renner: I keep hearing about that and it isn’t really played out at this point not unless we say he’s got an amazing hearing aid or something.We were focused much more on the alternate version of not the big purple mask sort of guy as he’s much more of the utility sort of guy. So yeah, they talked about that, but I don’t think it’s gonna play out anytime soon. Things are a little late.


On stuntwork:

Elizabeth Olsen: I think we do as many stunts as we can, and then they, a lot of times, take a second crew out, or they’ll film things when we’ve already been wrapped from the movie, when they’re in Germany, and they might do stuff then. When we’re there, we do everything. I don’t like having a stunt person do what I do.

Jeremy Renner: Yeah, we just do it all. It’s almost just practical stuff for Hawkeye. It happens outside the arrows, you know. When you fire an arrow, it’s gotta go somewhere, right? You know, into the cameraman. But, yeah, it’s 90% of the script. There was one flip I couldn’t do so my stunt double did it for me.


On the possibility of a Hawkeye Solo film:

Jeremy Renner: That’s above my paygrade, and I’m not gonna make those decisions. For me, I think there’s a lot to explore. To go back a bit and the circus and all that sort of thing and understand how or why and what and just, the reason to do it. There’s gotta be a reason, not just throw it out there. But yeah, I love the character. I’m always willing to do it – explore it more, until they kill me. [Or] until I’m fifty. Don’t wait too long. No one wants to see that – an old man in tights.


On the relationships between cast members:

Elizabeth Olsen: I’m excited for us to keep going, just because it’s so fun to hang out with everyone. And to go to different locations – it’s just fun!

Jeremy Renner: until they kill us.


On something fun that happened on set:

Elizabeth Olsen: One of my favorites is [Jeremy], me, and Paul filming just because it was so funny. It’s really odd to film when you have two not so practical powers, and [then] you [have] Jeremy who’s a practical fighter. And I’m as sincerely and genuinely as possible trying to make [Paul] a thousand tons and send him to the center of the Earth. It was four in the morningWe were giggly and loopy, and that was a hilarious day on set. I promise that is not a spoiler guys!


On the changing dynamic between Hawkeye and Black Widow:

Jeremy Renner: There’s a lot of history with those characters. I like working with Scarlett and I love that character of Widow. She’s a badass – her character and her. I just wish there was more. I love working with that character. I think they have a really good history together and a lot of secrets.

On if he has to train with a bow and arrow:

Jeremy Renner: I do not. I didn’t do any extra training. Every time, it’s a different sort of setup, with the bow and what’s happening with the tech and stuff. On this one, the quiver’s different. Sometimes they could snap out and they put a different tip on the bottom. The same gear- different tips.

On if there were any opportunities for improv:

Jeremy Renner: Yeah, yeah, the Russo brothers were great. They’d always have, like, alt lines for certain things and these sort of one-liners, and then they just let you kind of run with a bunch of different things, so I have no idea what makes a cut, even when we did ADR, I can’t remember…you still did alt lines. Yeah, we’re always- and then they’ll pull it back, like, right, let’s just go- role this series and they just wanna have options, for tone and then pace and that sort of thing. Yeah, that was probably the funnest part of the job was- improvising- that was fun, you know.

On if he's ever turned down a role and then regretted it:

Jeremy Renner: Never. Never. Yeah. I’m always happy with the decisions I’m making, so yeah, no regrets, ever, with anything in life- even when I make a mistake- do something wrong. As long as you learn and grow from it- that’s all that matters.


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