November 1, 2012 -- Modesto Native Renner to Host "Saturday Night Live" (

— He's a comic-book character, he's an action figure and now Jeremy Renner will be "Live from New York."


Modesto native Renner, who has appeared recently in "The Bourne Legacy" and "The Avengers," will host NBC's long-running "Saturday Night Live" on Nov. 17.

According to a blog on the show's Web site, Renner was a popular pick from an online feature in which SNL fans post or Tweet host suggestions. The film star will make his SNL hosting debut along with four-time musical guest Maroon 5.

"I know he is excited about it," said Valerie Cearley, his mother. "I'm excited because it is something we have always wanted him to do. … It is great exposure."

NBC's announcement Wednesday filled out the November lineup of SNL hosts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's destruction across the Northeast. Anne Hathaway will host the Nov. 10 show, which will feature musical guest Rihanna. Comedian Louis CK is the host this week.

New York-based shows such as "The Late Show with David Letterman" struggled to stay in production during Hurricane Sandy, with Letterman playing to empty seats in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Jeremy Renner portrays Brandt in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Fans pushed for Renner's upcoming appearance on Facebook sites such as "Help Jeremy Renner to Host SNL." People also can suggest hosts they would like to see by posting comments on SNL's Web pages.

"My birthday is on the 17th," one commenter said Wednesday. "Having Jeremy Renner host my favorite show will make my birthday even better."

Renner wasn't available to comment on this latest career milestone. Family members said he was working on a house in a location without cell service.

For an actor who once portrayed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and who received his second Academy Award nomination for playing disturbed bank robber Jem Coughlin in "The Town," comedy may seem like new territory for Renner.

Cearley assured that viewers will see her son's lighter side when he appears on "Saturday Night Live." "I know he is good at it. He makes me laugh," she said.

Starting Sunday, Modesto's State Theatre will show the independent film "Ingenious," which features Renner in one of his lighter roles. He filmed the movie several years ago, before he scored his first Oscar nomination for his role in the Iraq war movie "The Hurt Locker."

"Ingenious" is a tale about two friends who work to sell a nutty invention — a talking beer opener. Dallas Roberts plays Matt, a small-time inventor who keeps coming up with clever but impractical products. Renner plays his friend and business partner, Sam.

Cearley said she has never seen the film but recalled the original title was "Light Bulb."