March 22, 2016 -- Actor Jeremy Renner's Secret Passion: House Flipping (Bloomberg)

The blockbuster film star shares some pro-tips from his multi-million-dollar other career.

When Jeremy Renner’s not saving the world in The Avengers or Mission: Impossible, or helping sell the cognac lifestyle as the new face of Rémy Martin, the 45-year-old actor can be found with paintbrush in hand. In the past 15 years, the star has bought and remodeled more than 20 homes, from a 1920s art deco mansion to a cabin in Lake Tahoe, Nev.

“There’s a lot of great old architecture out there,” he says. “You just have to reimagine it with today’s living standards.” The other Bourne shares his advice for fixing a fixer-upper.

1. Color is completely subjective, so stay away from trends. Use paint with a neutral or earth palette on the walls and then add some jewel tones to the room with a couch or throw pillows. You can always hang a painting to add a little pop.

2. It’s amazing what a plant in the corner of the room can do for you, both aesthetically and mentally. They’re a great way to bring color into a room, and they also provide some fresh air.

3. In no instance should your headboard be against a window—you want to lie in bed and look at the view. I like my mattress firmer now that I’m older. I’ve gone from a Chattam & Wells classic plush to a Duxiana.

4. I don’t think you should pick just one aesthetic for the whole house—that can feel a little sterile. Feel free to combine wood, metal, and fabrics like velvet.

5. Every home should have two things: a bar and a really nice bed. I like to entertain, and having a bar to hang out at is so much better than hanging out in the kitchen.