November 4, 2015 -- The Cognac Club: La Maison Remy Martin (Luxury London)

To mark La Maison Rémy Martin opening in London, we speak to brand ambassador and Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner about the cognac house's new global campaign, and the importance of remaining curious.

Rémy Martin returns to Soho this week with its pop-up private member’s club: a four-storey cognac-themed townhouse that will be open throughout November. However, don’t let the term pop-up throw you; each floor has been artfully transformed into a plush cocktail den, alongside an interactive atelier and retail space. Drinks have been mixed by The Connaught’s Agostino Perrone, with a menu which includes a hazelnut and orange-infused Old Fashioned and a range of zesty champagne cocktails.  

The La Maison Rémy Martin opening coincides with the brand's new global campaign, ‘One Life/Live Them’, which has been inspired by the ‘slash generation’. No, Rémy Martin is not backing London’s knife crime; the campaign focuses on the multi-faceted millennial generation of career jugglers. For example, doctor/singer/runner/chef. Or brand ambassador Jeremy Renner, the actor/producer/renovator/musician. Renner is most widely known for his roles in American Hustle, Bourne Legacy and Mission Impossible but has also recently turned his hand to property development in his native California.

“The campaign is something that I strongly believe in,” he told Luxury London. “You should not be pigeon-holed or labelled, not only in a job sense but in your social life as well. Do we need to be defined by one label? No, let’s not accept that. It is also an idea tagged onto a fine cognac. Through working with Rémy Martin, I learned how cognac is made and half the cognac that I tasted was older than the country I live in, which fascinated me. I also love the dynamics of the company, which is a close, family-run business.”

Other multi-talented brand ambassadors include British actress Gemma Chan, model and writer Laura Bailey and former rugby player Ollie Phillips. They will each host workshops at the club throughout November, alongside Jodie Kidd and butcher-to-the-stars, Allen’s of Mayfair.

“It’s a wonderful way to live, by remaining curious and open to ideas,” Renner concluded. “It would be very easy for me to be bitter and jaded about things in life if I only focused on one thing. I enjoy life and I enjoy learning and when I stop learning, I hope you get the shovel and put me six feet under. Remain curious; it’s important.”