February 26, 2013 -- Medieval German World of "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" (huffingtonpost.co.uk)

Jeremy Renner is adamant we won’t be seeing him in a rom-com anytime soon, saying of the genre, “I just feel that’s kind of watered down.”

He adds diplomatically, “There are so many great actors good at doing those, I would fail miserably.”


Jeremy Renner plays Hansel in this modern spin on an age-old fairy tale.

We’ll see him instead in ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’, in UK cinemas this week, where he picks up arms with Gemma Arterton playing his sister, in a medieval environment best described by the actor himself…

“It’s an old world, set in Germany in the forest.
We’re hunting witches – the strangest thing – with lots of kids running around. I have an affinity with that world… old troughs of beer, everyone has a big mug, cool clothes, bad-ass leather outfits, and the instruction to go kill witches.”


Jeremy Renner costars with Gemma Arterton.

The Californian actor has seen his star rising since he was Oscar-nominated for his role in ‘The Hurt Locker’ in 2009, as a recruit to not one but THREE mega-franchises – Marvel’s ‘Avengers’, the rebooted Bourne saga, and as a heights-averse comrade for Tom Cruise in ‘Mission: Impossible’.

Is he comfortable with this level of recognition? He’s serene about it…

“I think you have to become comfortable, otherwise don’t do it. I see how Tom lives, I see how Brad Pitt lives, and guys that I know, They didn’t ask for it, they didn’t desire it or want it, it came with the job and territory – you can probably move to Botswana and you’ll be all right.
I don’t know what the outcome of that will be, I just try to roll with the punches, make your mistakes and get back up, try not to make them again.”

As for the Oscar nomination, this is something apparently forgotten “until somebody mentions it, and I think ‘wow’.

“Does the Oscar nomination mean a lot to me? Hell yeah, but do I have to come down from that. I embrace that, put it in my pocket and take it with me every day, all those wonderful treasures and treats to hold onto, it’s a fantastic thing.”

Source: huffingtonpost.co.uk