Jeremy Renner Hopes to Revisit PH (

Los Angeles – Jeremy Renner, the 42-year-old actor who portrayed Aaron Cross in “The Bourne Legacy” last year, is set to be back to do the same role in the sequel slated to come out on Aug.14, 2015 with “Fast & Furious 6” director Justin Lin.

Asked if they were going back to El Nido, Palawan to continue where they ended in the last “Bourne” installment, Jeremy said, “That wouldn’t be my call. I have no idea. I think they are still writing and putting together what that story is going to be. But I certainly had an amazing time there.”

Jeremy, who has studied arnis (Filipino martial arts), added, “I do hope we go back to the Philippines. That would be great.”

As for working with his director, Jeremy revealed, “Justin has been great so far in developing and in creating a reason to go do it. He is a very smart guy and I think many people will be very surprised, which I will not be. But from what he has done as a director in the past, was just a sort of blessing for him. Now he knows. He is a very smart person. So I am very happy to see what he can really do.”



When we interviewed Jeremy at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for his role as the pompadour-styled Mayor Carmine Polito in David O. Russell’s latest masterpiece, “American Hustle,” he revealed that this is the first time he is working with David.

The movie reunites David with some of his former actors whom he worked with – Christian Bale and Amy Adams from “The Fighter,” and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings Playbook.”

So how did he think he fitted in with the David O. Russell stock company, we asked. “I think we all felt very empowered to push the rock up the hill together,” he disclosed. “It felt very collaborative that way and he commands and demands that it is that way. And it is not his movie. He always says, ‘This is our movie. How can we make this the best it can be? He will listen to everybody’s advice, from the craft service guy to the boom operator to us. It does not matter. Whoever has the best idea, let’s just do it, you know.’”

As for having the pompadour style of hair for his role, Jeremy revealed that he was “in the chair just as long as any of the girls. And you know there was a lot of blow drying, curling, straightening and the whole thing.”

From the experience, he learned that “you should cut your hair as soon as possible. Having long hair is a pain.”

So has he been conned by anyone? “It’s usually by women; yes,” he quickly replied. “They con my heart. They take it. They take it every time, those damn women.”

Jeremy pointed out that he is good with detecting if someone is lying to him. “But a good con you would never know I suppose. I feel like we are all vulnerable to something. So I like the idea of what ‘Punk’d’ is, you know. I think I am smart enough to know not to get punk’d even. But I am definitely vulnerable to those things for sure. As soon as you know the answer to something, you are already screwing yourself, because you do not. You never know anything. And just like, when you say something like, ‘I can never be conned.’ It is like, well, no, it is not the case. I am sure I can be conned.”

Jeremy revealed that his character is actually based on the mayor and leader of the state assembly, Angelo Errichetti, “who actually passed away on my last day of shooting. We changed the names because there are other things. So it is loosely based on him and his dealings. That’s what I based all of my performance.”

So is he a good liar, we asked.

“I suppose if I had to be but I prefer not to,” he said. “Actually, it gets me in trouble to be very frank and honest. I have spoken to you many times over these past years and I have been very frank and very up front about things. I prefer to live my life that way. It is simpler. It is cleaner.”

Asked if he was ever intimidated in his life, Jeremy replied, “I’m fast. I run the other way. I am really good. I am slippery. I have not been in a fight since the second grade. I am not interested in conflict, especially physical conflict. I just think it is ridiculous. If I sense something is really dangerous, I get out of the way. I am gone. I am like a ninja.”