May 2007 -- 28 Weeks Later: Harold Perrineau and Jeremy Renner Interview (

HAROLD Perrineau and Jeremy Renner talk about their preparation for filming 28 Weeks Later and working in London with a Spanish director…


Q. Is it true you had to have helicopter lessons even though you’re not actually flying the helicopter in the film?

Harold Perrineau: Well, it is me flying! No, it was actually Juan Carlos [Fresnadillo]‘s idea. Instead of having computer generated images in the background he wanted it to look like I was really in the air, really flying the plane so that he could have the camera really close up. So when you see me in the air, it is me up there – of course there’s someone next to me. So I had to take some flying lessons so that it looked a bit like I knew what I was doing.


Q. How difficult did you find the lessons and operating feet and hands at the same time?

Harold Perrineau: It’s very minute movements that tip the plane very quickly. So it was a little frightening but great fun as well. The pilot would tip it so that suddenly there’s the whole world [below you] and there’s no door! You’re like: “Oh Jesus!”


Q. Did you have to learn anything new in boot camp or had you already had enough practise from previous films?

Jeremy Renner: No, I was in the pub… [laughs] I have done some pretty intensive training on other films and used the same weapons in this as I did in SWAT and a few other movies. But they gave me the opportunity to shoot [on a firing range] so I didn’t turn that down. I did some military training and looked at sniper training and that sort of mentality. We had some really good military consultants on the set from Special Ops so if we had any questions they were there to help, or they’d tell us: “Please don’t do that!” I think I tied my shoes wrong at one time, or something like that.


Q. Did you notice any differences between shooting in the UK and the US?

Harold Perrineau: I was only here for a few weeks but there weren’t a lot of differences. It was just a joy for me to in London and to get the chance to go and see some great plays. As far as the work goes it was the same – we worked hard and we worked fast.

Jeremy Renner: Well, the Spaniards were amazing. They were the real creative forced behind this thing and work as a really solid, tight crew. What’s different about this movie is the big, big scale of it. We were on the move every day outside. We only got rained on a couple of times. But moving around steadily was a huge challenge.