December 2010 -- Interview for

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?Suzie

Christmas morning with the family!

2. Did you ever consider releasing your music to iTunes or give it up for free like some of the musicians do nowadays? Plenty of us are raving about your voice, and some of us would love to hear it on the drive to work.
This question represents 50% of the questions submitted

Thank you, everybody. I appreciate that. I've always loved music, but never considerd it as a career. It's always been something that means something to me personally. But the thought of exploring that is not out of the question... may happen in the near future. Maybe sooner than you think...
Any suggestions for covers??


3. How did you break into the business when you first came to LA - did you have an acting mentor or train with anyone in particular?Milly

I trained with a coach named Julie Ariola, here in LA, for about... uh i guess seven years. And as far as breaking into this business; I dont know. Hmmmm...
I feel like everyday I'm breaking into the business. There's always something new to learn.

4. Ever thought about going back to acting on stage, and if so, would you do a play or a musical?Victoria M Leduc

Uh, yeah I never wanted to abaondon the stage at all. As soon as an opportunity arises in the future I'm sure I'll probably do it. A play or musical could be very interesting. I'd be excited to do either.


5. What character from classical literature, would you like to play and why?Marina from Russia

Hmm.. I love Romeo and Juliet. I've always found to be very attracted to that sort of writing... the tragedy of love... that's definitely something that interstes me, so i guess it would have to be Romeo.


6. What are some your hobbies?Brandi Woods

Oh boy... music! That's something that keeps me pretty busy. Building houses. Cars. I love cars as well as motorcycles.
Those are the things that keep me outta trouble. (snickers)


7. Do you see yourself going back to doing independent films instead of studio films?Laura Bosnell

I feel like I never left independent film. I will always do independent film, because that is the risky material that I am attracted to. With studio films, I still get to fit in the kind of characters I like to play and by doing these big movies, people actually see them... which is kinda nice! So, while I'll still do studio, I'll never abandon independent cinema. That is my home.


8. Have you retired that Led Zepplin shirt yet? LOLElizabeth Tervino ( Our Gallery Administrator)

(LAUGHS!) Hell no! That's one of my favorite t-shirts. I guess it's been photographed one too many times. Why would I? Led Zepplin rocks!

You can send me a new one.

9. If you had to live life as one of the characters you've played in your entire acting career, who would it be and why?
Amy Hendy

Jeffrey Dahmher.
Kidding, kidding! Wow I don't know.. I don't think any of them... they're all dead! (laughs)
i think I've died in 90% of the movies I did.


10. Are you superstitious? Do you believe in anything like Superior powers? Any superstitious rituals before they call action (besides checking your fly LOL)?Lucy

(Laughs) Um, well, I am not really superstitious, per se, but I certainly have rituals that keep me grounded. And I'll never tell what that is... that's between me, myself, and I. (Smiles menacingly).


11. What are you thinking about at moment?Sanya

Uh, work. And answering these questions.


12. How do you cope with the Hollywood phoniness? Kerry D

Don't hang out with phony people. I surround myself with my family and friends; the most important thing in my life. They keep me in check.


13. At any point in your career did you ever think that maybe acting wasn't for you or did you ever have any thoughts about just quitting acting all together? What other career path would you choose?Kyle "Cali Kid" Buttermore

I never wavered. I always believed I'd be doing what I'm doing and lucky enough, I am. But if I was to do something else, I suppose teaching would be very interesting for me. Or, as a business, I think house building would be a lot of fun. Really, I couldn't imagine doing anything else besides what i'm doing.


14. How do you feel about your fan base growing so fast? Do you enjoy it? Does it bother you when paparazzi follow you around?Cindy

Uh, I mean I think it's a wonderful thing to be recognized for something that you love to do and that you're proud of . I'm only bothered when press or people get into my personal life. I'm a pretty private human being and I like to keep my private life private.


15. Can you name your current most favorite 5 songs or bands?Lizzy

Well, I don't have favorites. I dont use that word. Too defining, I suppose, but I can say who I'm listening to a lot right now:

Kings of Leon
Need to Breathe
Ray Lamontagne
and Brother Sal



16. Top 5 favorite films of all time? Favorite genre?Amanda

There you go again with the favorite thing... I dont have favorites. I can name a handful of movies I've seen 25 or 30 times:

Jungle Book
Clockwork Orange

I couldn't even begin to name films that really affected me over the years, ya know? But thanks for the tough question, (how about "jerk" instead) not a very nice person!


17. What are some of the directors and actors whom with would you like to work in the future?starchaserxoxo

Oh boy... I always hate this question... impossible to answer! There are so many established and young fresh filmmakers to learn from out there. I couldn't even begin to name them. The list would go on and on..
As far as actors, um good gosh.. .. again.. (laughs) impossible to answer.
Who would you care to see me work with??


18. Is there anything special that you bring from home or anything that you just have to bring with you when you travel?

toothbrush! (laughs) I think... well, what do I bring with me? Nothing in particular unless it's something specific to that character that i need from home. Otherwise, its usually as though I'm living as a vagabond and enjoying that adventure.


19.Of all the skills you have acquired in preparation for your roles, which were the most fun to learn (as in rendering safe IEDs etc)? Any funny stories you can share with us about these experiences?

At every job, the idea is to learn something and that's luckily been the case so far. I think some of the most interesting things were definitely in The Hurt Locker... learning to build bombs and render safe IEDs... never thought I'd be playing with C4. Ever. Especially as an actor.
The training I got to do in S.W.A.T. was invaluable... shooting 50-cal sniper rifles and machine guns. It's a crazy job! Makes it really exciting.
Jess James was fun. I honed my skills riding horses... using old weapons.
Then theres the other side where I learn, not so much physical trade, but more things mentally and emotionally and even spiritually... diving into certain characters and understanding time place and space and how it affects us as human beings.
Things like that are what I really love and appreciate from doing these jobs.


20. Last but not least - what do you think of Jeremy Renner Online?

I think you have done a tremendous job and I appreciate all of your hard work. And though I've not spent much time on it, everytime i've popped on i'm always amazed of the content you find and share with fans out there. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it! I couldn't do a better job myself.


Thank you to all the fans and thank you for your questions! I appreciate all your love and support. See you back here very soon!