February 14, 2011 -- Jeremy Renner at the 2011 Oscar Nominees Luncheon (examiner.com)

The 2011 Oscar Nominees Luncheon took place February 7 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Nominees gathered to have lunch, pose for photos, receive their official Academy Award nomination certificate, and do interviews. (The 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony takes place February 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. ABC has the live U.S. telecast of the show at 8 p.m. Eastern Time/5 p.m. Pacific Time.) Here is what this Oscar nominee said when doing a brief press conference interview in the 2011 Oscar Nominees Luncheon’s press room.






Nominated for:

Best Supporting Actor

("The Town")


You’ve gotten Oscar nominations for two years in a row. How proud are you of those achievements?

My mom is really proud. I don’t know if I can be proud of myself. I certainly feel lucky, that’s for sure. That I can tell you. I feel very, very lucky.


How different is your Oscar experience this year compared to last year?

Yeah, it’s different. I have a different connection. "The Hurt Locker" was a much different experience for me and a much different movie for me, but no less or more. I’m still wide-eyed about this process, about the whole thing. Again, I go to bed at night thinking, "I’m so lucky to do what I love to do." And every once in a while, someone says, "Hey, you’ve done a good job. It’s kind of fantastic.


What was it like when you found out you got an Oscar nomination for "The Town"?

This year was kind of sleepless. This year, I was very nervous about the whole thing. Last year, I had no idea what was going on. I was so exhausted that I just put my face in the pillow and didn’t wake up. This year, I was kind of more aware of it, so it was more nerve-racking. I ended up going to sleep at 4 in the morning, and then I got a phone call about an hour-and-a-half later. And the adrenaline kicks in, and it’s off to the races from there.


What do you look for in a script or a character that makes you say that you want to say yes?

I wish I had a really concrete answer for you. I think it’s always different. I guess if it’s challenging material, if it’s a story I want to see and a world I kind of want to be a part of and learn something and grow. And hopefully, it’s three-dimensional. That’s pretty important to me. And who I get to learn from, that’s pretty important to me as well.


In "The Town," you play a bank robber named Jem. Did you look at any old gangster movies, like from James Cagney, to prepare for the role?

No. It kind of goes against anything in any job. I don’t like to be influenced. I’m sure I am every day by things, but specific to that particular job and those particular circumstances I didn’t want to have any of that [outside influence] … I actually did watch some things that weren’t even close, like "Butch Cassidy [and the Sundance Kid]" and watching bank robbing and heist movies, but nothing that specific, which it kind of ended resembling, apparently, but I don’t want to be influenced in that way.


Did you learn anything from awards season last year that made you do anything differently this year?

I’m doing the same thing that I did last year. What I found was just to really enjoy every 10 minutes that go by, because it flashes by. I can’t really think about what’s happening after this or what’s happened in the last 10 minutes, but I stay very focused so I can sit here and talk to you, and then move on to whatever else happens. So if I get hit by a bus, I get hit by a bus, and I know I’m not thinking about, "Oh, look at the thing over there." I like to be present in my life. It worked for me last year, and it’s certainly working for me this year.


Are you working on a film right now?

Yes. I’m in Vancouver shooting "Mission: Impossible — [Ghost Protocol]."


Source: examiner.com