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From the script
INTERIOR Burj Khalifa Hotel — Room 119-D — Day

Benji: Wow. We're gonna have to get to the server from the outside.
Ethan: What?
Benji: The firewalls on the building's server is military grade. This'd be a cinch if I could call Dave back at headquarters. But Dave doesn't exist any more. And neither do we—I could hack through. But it'd take hours.
Ethan: Then we hard—wire in...?
Benji: And there's at least four layers of next—gen security. I'm telling you, there's no getting to it from inside the building—
Ethan: What floor is it on?
Benji: 130th.
Brandt: If we can't get to that server and take control of the elevators and security cameras, this whole operation is over before it began.
Benji: We have to get to it from the outside.


Ethan knows what Benji is suggesting. As Benji and Brandt stare at Ethan...


Ethan: We...?
Benji: (deflecting) I'm behind the computer. Ethan looks to Brandt—
Brandt: I'm the helper.


Ethan considers. Looking for any other options...
Ethan: Elevator shaft?
Benji: (shaking his head "no") Infrared sensors.
Ethan: Vent duct access?
Benji: Pressure sensitive.
Ethan: How am I supposed to do this?


Benji flings something across the room, sticking it to the window. It's the Gecko Glove. Ethan stares at the Glove, then turns to Benji.


EXTERIOR Burj Khalifa Hotel — 119th Floor — DAY


A window panel is removed, and pulled inside the room by Brandt and Benji. Ethan picks up the gloves.


INTERIOR Burj Khalifa Hotel — Room 119-D — Day


Ethan is now in his climbing gear, wearing the Gecko Gloves.

Benji: (re: the Gecko Gloves) Remember, it's a rolling off motion that disengages the bond. Blue is glue.
Ethan: And red?
Benji: Dead. But don't worry about that.