August 6, 2012 -- Jeremy Renner: I'm Stubborn (

"It's the inconsistency of my life that makes it difficult," he told the latest issue of UK magazine Glamour, when asked about finding time for romance. "I think I'm pretty romantic. I'm quite a thoughtful person. Also, inconsiderate, piggish, stubborn"

Jeremy's success has seen him travel all over the world. Although he is grateful to have appeared in a string of hit movies, he has also realised how important family and friends are.

The 41-year-old has decided to take some time out to catch up with loved ones and unwind.

"It's lonely. I'm doing the most amazing things and couldn't be happier, but I have no one to share it with outside of a director or someone I've just met. So now I'm back in LA after two years, and I've just seen my brother and I'm like, 'Where do I begin?'" Jeremy explained. "I've purposely put my head in a hole, and told my agent I need a break. I'll catch up on some movies, do a bit of reading, mend some friendships, see family and friends I haven't seen and slowly integrate back into real life."