August 6, 2012 -- Jeremy Renner Got "Bourne" Script from Myserious Midnight Caller (

Jeremy Renner has been speaking about the secretive spy-like manner in which he received his script for The Bourne Legacy. The multi Oscar-nominated 41-year-old - who also starred in The Avengers - plays secret agent Aaron Cross in the new movie, taking over from Matt Damon's Jason Bourne, reports the Press Association.

"I was shooting Hansel And Gretel in Berlin and it was very secretive", he recalled, "They didn't want it getting out. They didn't trust me enough to send it over so they literally flew somebody out". Continuing, Renner revealed, "I got a knock on my door at midnight and this script slid in and they just said, 'Call me when you're done with it. You've got about two hours". Movie studios are resorting to such extremes to keep scripts from leaking - especially in the digital age - and Anne Hathaway recently spoke of her anxiety after receiving the script for 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Speaking at the European premiere of Christopher Nolan's movie, the actress told the Bbc, "I felt nervous having a script. I wound up getting a safe just to put it in because I was so scared that I was going to be the one to lose it".

In the next chapter of the 'Bourne' movies, director Tony Gilroy takes over from Paul Greengrass. Renner explained, "This film just expands on the original concept. It's running parallel with the story of The Bourne Ultimatum, that's happening at the same time, so it really opened up the parameters and the perspective on what that universe is".