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"Wind River" New Role for Jeremy Renner (Boston Herald)

Murder mystery set on reservation

There’s trouble on Wyoming’s Wind River Native American reservation, and it’s the personal kind for Jeremy Renner’s tracker, Corey Lambert.

In a role far removed from his high-flying Hawkeye in the “Avengers” series, Friday’s “Wind River” sees Renner, 46, as a wildlife officer reluctantly drawn into the murder investigation of a young woman by a rookie FBI officer (Elizabeth Olsen).

“For me, learning about Native American life on the reservation, the atrocities that have happened, was a great learning experience in many ways.”

Lambert, he noted, “is the only white man that’s allowed on the reservation, essentially. He’s there inadvertently because he was married to a Native American woman and he’s accepted enough into the culture to do the things he does.

“He’s a broken man trying to overcome his own personal obstacles.”

Those include a young son he rarely sees.

“Yeah, that was a big part of the journey in the picture for me. I asked Taylor (Sheridan, the ‘Sicario’ and ‘Hell or High Water’ screenwriter making his directing debut), ‘This guy’s still got to be a father to a beautiful son?’ ”

Which is perhaps why “Wind River” has a hopeful message as well: “To heal, really be present as a father for his boy and not be haunted by the death of his daughter. He’s trying to deal as best he can with tragedy and loss.

“I’ve had different kinds of tragedy and loss in my life and how people deal and don’t deal with things is really fascinating to me. That was one of the main attractions for me to do the picture. Personally, I just wanted to explore being a father.”

Renner and model Sonni Pacheco were married for less than a year and share custody of their 4-year-old, Ava Berlin Renner.

“My daughter has no clue that I do movies or what movies are. The most important thing is she knows I’m Daddy and I’m always there. If I always do movies then I’m never around.

“So first and foremost, I have to ensure I’m present and a piece of continuity for my daughter. That will always be No. 1 in my life. If I can do a job and it serves her, that’s cool. If it doesn’t, I guess I don’t work. That’s going to be my choice — and I’m glad I can be clear about that.”

Source: Stephen Schaefer at The Boston Herald

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