Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some frequently asked questions about Jeremy and our site.  Click on the question to see the answer.


Questions About Jeremy

[accordion hideSpeed="500" showSpeed="700"][item title="Does Jeremy have a Twitter account?"] Yes.  Jeremy's official twitter account is @Renner4Real . He also has an account at Facebook , Instagram, and WhoSay .  Anyone else on these social media sites claiming to be Jeremy is an impostor. [/item] [item title="Who is Jeremy dating? Where does he live? I heard that..."] Here at, we have the utmost respect for Jeremy's privacy. As such, we will not address any questions or rumors regarding his personal life. Nor will we discuss it on the forum. Thank you for your understanding. [/item] [item title="Has Jeremy ever released an album? Where can I purchase his music?"] While Jeremy has written some music, he has never released an album. He has stated, though, that he will be releasing a rock album in the future. Until it is released, you can check out our music section for some videos of Jeremy performing his music. [/item] [item title="Where can I find Jeremy's movies online?"] Many of Jeremy's most recent films can be viewed online via Netflix or Instant video. While most of his films can also be found on file-sharing websites, we at prefer to promote the legal viewing of Jeremy's work. As such, we limit our embedding of Jeremy's films to clips and trailers rather than the full film. The same applies to his television appearances, with an exception for those programs which are not available for purchase. Please show your support for Jeremy's work by purchasing his films whenever possible.[/item][/accordion]


Questions About Our Site

[accordion hideSpeed="500" showSpeed="700"] [item title="I made a comment on the home page/in the forum. Why can't I see it?"] All comments must follow our comments etiquette. Any posts not meeting these guidelines may be removed with or without notice. Repeat violations, as well as any abuse or privacy violations toward other users may result in a user being banned from the site. [/item] [item title="Can I use my own avatar in comments on the home page?"] A Gravatar is an avatar that can follow you from site to site and appears by your name when you post comments on a website. To upload a gravatar, go to, click "Create Your Own Gravatar," and enter the email address you would like to use for your comments. You can change your gravatar as often as you'd like. Note that it may take some time before your gravatar is updated and you can see it by your posts. [/item] [item title="I can't log into the gallery/forum. What is going on?"] If you are experiencing techinal difficulties with the site, please let us know, and we will attempt to fix them for you as soon as possible. Be sure to provide your username, along with a detailed description of the problem, including any error codes you may be receiving when you try to log in. Please note that the gallery, forum, and site home page each require a separate registration, as they are three separate databases.[/item] [item title="How can I help"] The best way to help our site is to submit new content, such as pictures, articles, and videos. Further, we always welcome comments and suggestions for how we can improve the site. [/item] [/accordion]