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"Arrival": Jeremy Renner Talks Friendship with Amy Adams and Being a Franchise Man (Winnipeg Sun)

LOS ANGELES — Friendship isn’t something you hear a lot about in Hollywood.

So it’s refreshing to talk to Jeremy Renner, 45, about his role in the sci-fi drama Arrival, a part he took for all the right reasons — but mostly because of his friendship with co-star Amy Adams.

The two also worked together in 2013’s American Hustle.

In Arrival, which opens Friday, Renner and Adams are part of a team attempting to communicate with aliens who have landed on earth. He’s a scientist; she’s a linguist. The film (based on Ted Chiang’s novella, Story of Your Life) centres on Adams’ character and the changes she undergoes in her thinking as she begins to learn the aliens’ language.

Deciphering the extra-terrestrials’ intentions may be the difference between peace and global destruction.

Since being Oscar nominated for The Hurt Locker (2008) and again for The Town (2010), Renner has managed a career that moves between massive franchise movies and smaller indie fare.

A singer/songwriter and musician as well as an actor and producer, Renner is also known for his work renovating and restoring grand Los Angeles properties.

We had the chance to ask him a few questions earlier this week.

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Jeremy Renner Talks Strong Women, Superheroes and Smart Science Fiction (Esquire)

Esquire caught up with the actor ahead of the release of Arrival.

Autumn at the cinema traditionally means the appearance of would-be Oscar films, but another, newer trend has emerged: the annual grown-up A-list science-fiction movie. Starting in 2013 with Gravity, there's been Interstellar and The Martian and in 2016 it's Arrival, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

A tense and surprising first-contact movie, it marks a departure for the twice-Oscar-nominated Renner. After pinging his Hawkeye bow for the fourth time in a Marvel movie during Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, in Arrival he plays second fiddle, as a quiet mathematician, to a linguist played by Adams, who is trying to communicate with aliens. But by playing against type, Renner has a pivotal role in the year's smartest sci-fi, a terrific film that demands to be seen on the big screen.


ESQUIRE: Were you looking for a role unlike the ones we usually see you in?

JEREMY RENNER: That was part of the allure: this movie is something that I would never get cast in, as was the case with American Hustle for me. Here, there was nothing on the page in this script to say that this character is interesting. Nothing there. So I was hesitating. Then I thought: amazing director [Denis Villeneuve, maker of Prisoners, Sicario and the forthcoming Blade Runner sequel], amazing story and Amy Adams playing a smart badass woman in a lead role who reminds me of my mom and my sisters. So I did it.

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Jeremy Renner Interview: Arrival, Amy Adams, Richard Dreyfuss (Den Of Geek)

Arrival star Jeremy Renner tells us why Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws was key to his performance, and lots more...

An unexpected chill breeze greets us as we meet Jeremy Renner in a London Hotel room. We find the Hollywood star standing next to a window, his black coat swathed around him, collars turned up and pointy like a vampire's cape.
"It's chilly. I love it," Mr Renner says, cupping a roll-up cigarette, leaning partly out of the window. He's in town to promote Arrival, the sensational sci-fi drama-thriller from director Denis Villeneuve. A chill, moody breeze blows through the movie, too, as the unexpected appearance of alien craft leave our planet on the brink of a new cold war.
What do the aliens want? Can we trust them, or should we launch a pre-emptive attack? As the world's leaders grow ever more fractious, it's up to linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) to decipher the aliens' language and, if possible, avert a nuclear crisis before it's too late.
Jeremy Renner co-stars as Ian Donnelly, a mathematician who assists Louise in her attempts to decode the visitors' web-like language. The spark between the two actors gives a cool, cerebral film a shot of warmth, and by its end, Arrival proves to be that rarest of things: a sci-fi film with sincerity, humanity and intelligence.
Released in a year that has seen political tension build in the real world, Arrival also feels like a timely, relevant movie - which was one of the things we were itching to ask Mr Renner about as we sat with him last month. Here's what he has to say about making of Arrival, the importance of Amy Adams' lead character, and why he based his mathematician on Richard Dreyfuss' marine biologist in Jaws...

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