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Jeremy Renner on The Avengers, Fatherhood, and His Musical Ambitions (Square Mile Magazine)

Jeremy Renner isn’t your average Hollywood film star – in fact, acting is only half his story. Ben Winstanley meets a man who finds time to write music, run a property empire, and drink the occasional cognac.

Photo Credit: Sarah Dunn

“Knowing what I know now about being an actor, I would tell the younger version of myself to fucking go back to school, get a degree and do something else that’ll make you happy,” Jeremy Renner says flatly.

He’s joking, I think, but his bone-dry sense of humour almost has me. If The Hurt Locker and Avengers star is regretting his career choices, what hope is there for the rest of us?

“I know I must sound friggin’ miserable, but I promise I’m not!” He’s laughing now, and I’m breathing a sigh of relief – mid-interview retirements aren’t really my thing, let alone when you’re dealing with a Marvel superhero.

The truth is, though, that Hollywood doesn’t realise how lucky it is to have Renner at all. Away from his most popular on-screen personas – the bomb-diffusing Sergeant James and bow-wielding Hawkeye – it’s difficult to know where to begin with the actor’s varied talents. He somehow finds time to make millions from renovating properties across California, he owns the proliferating film production company, The Combine, and he writes his own music on the side – should he have chosen to, he could have turned his back on acting a long time ago. 

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Video: Jeremy on "Harry"

Here are a couple of short clips of Jeremy's appearance on "Harry."  We will add more clips and the full appearance if and when they become available.


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