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Gallery Update + "Wind River" Reviews

Jeremy's upcoming film Wind River premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last night.  Some photos from the premiere have been added to the gallery.

So far the film has received several good reviews, with some reviewers specifically commenting on Jeremy's performance.  Links to some of the reviews are below.

Jeremy Renner Shines in Taylor Sheridan's Directorial Debut (The Wrap)

Wind River: Film Review (The Hollywood Reporter)

Jeremy Renner Has Never Been Better in This Snowy, Shocking Thriller (Slashfilm)

Sundance Review: Wind River (Salt Lake Tribune)

Review: Wind River starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen (JoBlo.com)

Sundance 2017: Wind River Review (Heyuguys.com)

Wind River does not currently have a release date, but we will let you know as soon as it is announced!

Jeremy to Perform with Brother Sal on February 9!

Heads up, Southern California fans!

Jeremy will be performing with his good friend Brother Sal (and his band The Devil May Care) on Thursday, February 9 at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA.  Doors open at 9:30 PM, with a start time of 10:00 PM. You must be at least 21 years old to attend.  Tickets are $10.50 (plus a surcharge of $2.50), and can be purchased HERE.  We do not know if Jeremy will be performing solo as the opening act, or if he will be performing with Brother Sal.  Either way, it should be a great show!

To learn more about Brother Sal and the Devil May Care, visit their facebook page.  You can also see videos of Jeremy with Brother Sal on our music page.

Between Tentpole Commitments, Jeremy Renner Builds His Producing Portfolio with John Lee Hancock's 'The Founder' (Deadline.com)

Celebrated this season for his role as theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly in Denis Villeneuve’s brainy sci-fi film Arrival, alongside friend and frequent collaborator Amy Adams, two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner this year hopes to bring attention to another, lesser-known role, as a producer on John Lee Hancock’s Ray Kroc biopic The Founder. In the case of Arrival, Renner saw a terrific leading role for Adams, and hoped only to offer support; with The Weinstein Company’s winter release, though—which premiered last night—the actor found himself venturing into new territory.

Working alongside longtime friend Don Handfield, Renner several years ago founded The Combine, a production company geared toward developing material for Renner to star in, and material that would stand on its own. In contrast to Kill the Messenger, the pair’s first producing credit, The Founder is the latter—starring Michael Keaton as Kroc, the man who claims to be The Founder, the picture approaches the biopic genre from a different angle, telling a classic American success story, with a hard edge. Speaking with Deadline, with Handfield chiming in, Renner addresses The Combine’s beginnings, a fascinating, untold American story, and his ambitions as a producer, with the time allotted between tentpole commitments.

What was the genesis of your production company The Combine, and your relationship with colleague Don Handfield?

Jeremy Renner: Don was actually one of the first guys I met in town back in ’94. He was an actor and a writer and all this stuff. Our friendship has remained all that time, and I’m godfather to his kids, but then when The Hurt Locker came around, I just knew there was a lot of opportunity that was coming in, and just couldn’t really manifest any opportunities because things were busy. We decided to develop scripts and ideas that would be mostly for me, but then also try to develop things that I wasn’t going to do.

We kept moving forward, kept pretty particular about certain things. He’s really great with story, so we kept working on it from that angle and developed a lot of IP over the years, which we became very proud of.

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