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"The Throwaways" To Premiere on Crackle on December 19

The Throwaways Key Art - P 2014The Throwaways, an original film produced by Jeremy, will premiere on Crackle on December 19, 2014.  Here is a quick synopsis of the film:

 After being captured by the CIA, a hacker named Drew Reynolds is offered a deal. He can either work for them or get life in prison. He assembles a team of CIA agents considered "throwaways" — those who are believed to be the worst of the agency. Together they must track down a cyberterrorist who wants to cause mass destruction.*

To view the film, you must have an account at Crackle.  To register, click HERE.  Registration is free.


*Source: hollywoodreporter.com

UPDATE 12/13/14:  Due to the recent Sony computer hack, the premiere of "The Throwaways" has been postponed until at least January 2015.  We will let you know when the new premiere date has been announced.

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